I’m teaching a Parent Advocacy class this month and this week’s session was a review of the IEP document.  We took a blank IEP and went through it, page by page, discussing what belongs where and how the document gets put together.  As we were working our way through, I kept hearing the same thing “Hey, I’ve never seen this page!”.

Hello?! What?! Are you kidding me?! These are not “newbie” parents, many have children in later elementary or middle school and there are pages to the IEP that THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN? What’s up with that?

So, today’s challenge for my Connecticut families. Go find your last IEP. Check two things. Look at the bottom of the first page. Note the revision date. It should be “Revised Feb 2009a”. Now look over to the far left bottom corner  where there is a little, tiny page number. It should start with 1 and go up to 12 inclusive. There may be more than one of some of the pages, but there should AT LEAST be one each of the 12 pages.

If there isn’t? Gather up your IEP and march on down to your school. Talk to the Director of Special Education or the Coordinator. Ask why you don’t have a COMPLETE IEP document. Remind them that this is a legal document and they are required to fill it out completely and to give you a COMPLETE COPY. Then call the Bureau of Special Education at the CT State Department of Education and file a complaint.

For more information about IEP forms and what they should look like, click here.